farming with nathan

Nathan Brause is a Corn, Soybean and Wheat Farmer in Bucyrus, Ohio. A good family man who is married to Carrie, they have three children; Alex, Andy and Allie. He is also a member of Bucyrus United Methodist Church where Rev. Michael Corwin is Pastor. Nathan traveled to Harrisburg in 2013 and 2014. He enjoys teaching the men of St. John United Methodist Church the modern art of farming when he gets the chance; but on both occasions now, he has spent more time getting the Ford tractor running than actually teaching the techniques of modern farming; because the men have a problem maintaining the tractor in good running condition. So, we put the tractor in storage until we return in 2015, with the hope that we will get a lot more farming done. Here Nathan is teaching the men how to use a simple tool.

Nathan showing how to use a small tool.

The soil is very rich and will grow much needed food for Liberians. According to Vice President Joseph Boikai, “it really doesn’t matter what you plant, Liberia needs to develop a strong Agriculture Sector.” We planted some corn and within 24 hrs, it had roots; in 72 hrs the crop blades were about 3″ above ground.


Five Day old Corn





Five Day old CornFive Day old Corn





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