Cora and students with Clara standing

Cora and students with Clara standing

When we left Harrisburg in January 2013, the motivated Women’s Sewing group was conducting classes in the St. John’s United Methodist Church. But they soon began making mud bricks to build a permanent structure next door to the church. They put up six mud pillars and a tin roof that leaked when it rained.

The two things we always try to do are: empowering folks and forming relationships. We were touched by their enthusiasm and initiative so, we replaced the mud pillars with re-enforced concrete ones, put a new zinc cover, ceiling, doors, floor, and plastered inside and out.Women sewing center at roof level This is what it looked like when we left on March 3rd 2014; but we now have word that work on the building is completed.

They also made an impression by completing an order for 34 vests for the Celebration United Methodist Church’s children choir which they wore when they sang at the Farmer-to-Farmer’s Gala affair on March 7th at Strongsville’s United Methodist Church where Rev. Dave Scavuzzo is the Pastor.

Resident Bishop John Hopkins was our Guest Speaker. He emphasized his vision of us forming relationships where ever we go. Thanks to all our Partners and supporters. The real task has just begun. We plan to  build a High School and Empowerment Center; local 9th and 10th Graders now walk 2 1/2 hour  one way each day to school in another community. Plus the school building will serve as training facility to teach farmers modern farming methods in the evening – to include food processing, marketing, finance, and management.

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