OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn 2013 our UMVIM Team introduced sewing to the community women in Harrisburg, Liberia. They saw right away how empowering it was to learn a new skill. They were so excited that after we left, they began making mud bricks to build a Community Sewing Center. We were very encouraged to see the structure they had built. Six mud posts with a partition for a safe storage and a small administrative area which they covered with old corrugated tin roof. Well, we demolished
 the mud structure and built a reinforced concrete building; our partners are so pleased and thankful to God for the new facility.

This is how far the construction reached in the two weeks we worked. The building is now completed with ceiling, doors and lights. Thanks to our partners for their prayers and financial support, without which we could not carry out this worthy cause of encouraging and rebuilding the lives of these community women.

Their skill level is improving. We recently received some clergy stoles they made; we were able to sell a few at the East Ohio Annual Conference with some success, and send them the funds from the sale to continue encouraging them. Please continue your prayerful and financial support for all our projects.

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