On New Year’s Day, an UMVIM team of 14 from East Ohio Conference left Cleveland, Ohio for Mission work in Liberia West Africa. 

January 7th 2013 was a special day in the life of a little girl in Harrisburg, Liberia; Pastor Ray Ake, of Coalburg and Masury Churches, a member of Farmer-to-Farmer 2013 UMVIM Team, was Ministering in the Community by invitation of Bishop John Innis, Resident Bishop of the Liberia Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church.

As pastor Ray delivered his message that day, the Holy Spirit kept focusing his attention on Patience Lahbah,  an 11-year old little girl in the audience. After service, he presented his Bible to the child and encouraged her in the Lord. This was no ordinary Bible, it was the Bible Pastor Ray received from his parents; and he used it when he preached his very first sermon. The rest of the afternoon, the little girl clutched the book close to her body in gratitude.

The next day we returned to the Harrisburg Community and the St. John UMC to work on projects. During the sewing class, I noticed Rev. Catherine Ake, spending much caring time with Patience Lahbah the same little girl; I approached her and asked if she knew her husband had given his Bible to the little girl, she said no. I said to myself, look at God in action!  Later, we found out that the girl was not attending school. Well, the Ake’s began making plans to get her back in school. She had come to the sewing class with her aunt; we sent for her mother and after conversation with her, she said she had 10 children; husband left home and she had no money for tuition and school uniforms. The Ake’s made arrangements with the elementary school Principal Samuel Mulba  to cover a year ‘s tuition, books and uniforms for the little girl; they plan to follow her progress. Praise and thanks to God for allowing us to form relationships through Farmer-to-Farmer Ministry. Recent update on Patience Lahbah. She now lives with her father in Monrovia and attends school regularly.

Submitted by: Pryde Bass

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