Liberia 3Cs Team Reunion, May 13TH 2015

On May 13th 2015, members of United Methodist Visitors In Mission (UMVIM) to Liberia gathered at the Brecksville United Methodist Church to get a briefing from Rev. Kathy Dickreide and Pryde Bass on their recent visit to Liberia. The main purpose of their trip was to assess the effect of the Ebola virus on East Ohio mission stations: Ganta, Camphor and Harrisburg. The evening was festive, with lots of food, including some favorite Liberian dishes, and catching up with other team members.  It was good to know that when we heard about the Ebola crisis, the East Ohio Conference had already established sites in Liberia where we could hear from local Liberians and know how to best help.  We could give directly to our mission sites to help them respond to the crisis.  This was a perfect example where the established relationships worked efficiently and effectively.

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