June 27th is now set for 3Cs UMVIM members to meet in Amherst, Ohio to assort needed items form many items they have collected from friends and supporters for their container shipment in late 2015. Because of the high cost of shipping a container to Liberia; we asked our partners at the various stations in Liberia, to send us a list of items that is critical to their operation. We would then try by contacting our friends and donors over here to try and accommodate our friends and partners in Liberia. We really do the best we can knowing the conditions on the ground first hand.

Some items are easy to come by, and others are not. We get an assorted list for requested items: A tractor, lawn mower, keyboard, pickup truck, salary support for pastors and teachers, school fees and funds for student uniforms, lab equipment for Ganta Hospital, medical supplies, medicines, school supplies, farm equipment, etc., if you can imagine a needed item, it just might be on their list.

So, you now have an idea of what we are dealing with. When the Lord leads you to help us in any way, you really will be helping in the mission of “Making Disciples.” Thanks, and God bless you. Contact us:

Rev. Kathy Dickriede, 1-330-840-8556;

Rev. Ray Ake, 1-330-531-4221;

Pryde Bass, 1-216-401-4663;


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