God provides! (by Cathy Ake)

Ever since the bishop suggested someone needs to be “on the ground” for more than just two weeks at a time to get the dreams of Farmer to Farmer accomplished, Ray and I have heard that comment as our call from God to go to Harrisburg, Liberia, for a year.  God has called.  God has provided.  We would need someone to care for our two dogs while we are gone and Mike and Kathy Cousino volunteered (yes, volunteered!).  Our “girls” have been dropped off at their new home where two other English Setters are ready to play with them.  All four of them, plus the new “parents” get along well.  God provides!!

We also had a pet turtle and when friends visited us at our cabin in Georgia and noticed “Turt L” they volunteered to watch him for us.  He now has a new turtle palace and four children to take care of him.  God provides!!

We have been deeply humbled by the love, well wishes, prayers and support of our friends and so many churches.  Being self-funded missionaries can be a scary call.  God calls!  God provides!!

I had to have eye surgery before leaving and I realized that again, God provided.  I had both cataracts removed and after the surgery came not one, but two, pairs of sunglasses.  I now have the sunglasses I will need in Africa.  God provides!! sunglassesGod provides

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