Liberia 2016 393







In April 2016 I met with the Community Leaders of Harrisburg to discuss the possibility of a new Agricultural High School in the area. The idea was met with such joy and relief of many of the parents. They were happy that they would not have to worry about extra food, housing and transportation for the children living away from home in Monrovia for school.

One father said, “this is the best news I have heard, my daughter will enter high school next year, maybe I only have to worry about the added expenses for one year.” The School will served the surrounding communities of over 800 high school students during the day, and train farmers in mechanized farming in the evening. This training process for farmers is going to be very intensive.

Our Partner farmers from the East Ohio Conference will be teaching our Liberian Partner farmers soil management, irrigation, planting methods, crop management, marketing, distribution, food processing, sales, inventory, plant management, farm equipment repair and more. This will be a welcome addition to all surrounding communities, providing new needed employment, empowerment and much job security.

So, also in April, we laid the foundation for the High School in Harrisburg.                                                                                  

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