Farmer 2 Farmer Guest House

Praise God! Our guest house in Harrisburg is completed, right in the middle of Raymond Camp.  We have accommodations for up to fourteen persons. And we are ready to host Work Teams from around the world. Come and help us build lives for God through Vocational/Education Training. We welcome experienced as well as no experience, persons as long as you are willing to help make disciples for the transformation of the world. We have staff ready to prepare your breakfast, lunch, and dinner;  the total cost of the trip is $3100 including round trip airfare. Our next trip is on November 1st, 2019, we have three seats open, but filling up fast.

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Rev. James Modesco Saiker, Pastor of St. John United Methodist Church in Harrisburg, Liberia was involved in a fatal accident on August 8th 2016. He was a dedicated family man and he served the Lord with all his abilities: Leadership, Motivation, Singing, Preaching, and Building Relationships in the Community and with Farmer-to-Farmer; an Outreach Ministry of the Celebration and Henrietta United Methodist churches of the East Ohio Conference of the United Methodist Church. He was on his way home from the University of Liberia where he was to receive a Bachelor Degree in Education when his motorbike was struck by a truck.

We will all miss him dearly. He was a people person; he embraced the Farmer-to-Farmer goals and objectives 100%; if the men were clearing  an area to plant crops, he would be in the lead with his cutlass clearing the  busheOur love and support to his wife Rita and children. 

He was on his way home