June 27th is now set for 3Cs UMVIM members to meet in Amherst, Ohio to assort needed items form many items they have collected from friends and supporters for their container shipment in late 2015. Because of the high cost of shipping a container to Liberia; we asked our partners at the various stations in Liberia, to send us a list of items that is critical to their operation. We would then try by contacting our friends and donors over here to try and accommodate our friends and partners in Liberia. We really do the best we can knowing the conditions on the ground first hand.

Some items are easy to come by, and others are not. We get an assorted list for requested items: A tractor, lawn mower, keyboard, pickup truck, salary support for pastors and teachers, school fees and funds for student uniforms, lab equipment for Ganta Hospital, medical supplies, medicines, school supplies, farm equipment, etc., if you can imagine a needed item, it just might be on their list.

So, you now have an idea of what we are dealing with. When the Lord leads you to help us in any way, you really will be helping in the mission of “Making Disciples.” Thanks, and God bless you. Contact us:

Rev. Kathy Dickriede, 1-330-840-8556;

Rev. Ray Ake, 1-330-531-4221;

Pryde Bass, 1-216-401-4663;




On May 13th 2015, members of United Methodist Visitors In Mission (UMVIM) to Liberia gathered at the Brecksville United Methodist Church to get a briefing from Rev. Kathy Dickreide and Pryde Bass on the recent visit to Liberia. The main purpose of their trip was to access the effect of the Ebola virus on East Ohio work stations: Ganta, Camphor and Harrisburg. The evening was festive, lots of food, including some favorite Liberian dishes prepared by Missionaries. We had a wonderful time and if you missed it, you missed a treat. We discussed and decided to send a 40′ container full of needed stuff for our mission stations at Ganta, Camphop and Harrisburg.

IMG_0524IMG_0519IMG_0518 IMG_0520 IMG_0522treat.



There will be a celebration for those East Ohio UMVIM Partners that have traveled to Liberia on Sunday May 17th 2015 at Brecksville United Methodist Church from 6:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M. BRING A FRIEND AND A DISH. Rev. Kathy Dickriede, Dr. Dan Dickriede and Pryde will bring you the latest from Liberia and answer all questions about Ebola.

Mission Trip to Liberia set for January 2017

Well, our date is now set. we will be working in four areas:  (1) Farm; (2) Building Ag High School; (4) Empower Women Sewing Project and Clinic. We invite you to come along if you are interested in any of these mission areas. Contact or Rev. Ray Ake,,  for more detail.  We are very excited about the farm progress. Our resident farm expert Bucyrus United Methodist Church, Mr. Nathan Brause, has purchased 13 walk behind reconditioned Bradley tractors that will work fine in Liberia, training more farmers at a time. Our Liberian Partners are anxiously awaiting to be trained in the operation and maintenance of these machines.  We are equally excited about the progress we have made with the new Ag High School. We layed the foundation in February 2016. We are also seeking volunteers with building skills to help us get the school ready for the school year, March 2019. Would you join us? We are most excited about the sewing project. The women have surpassed our expectations; we took along an industrial sewing machine which should increase the women’s desire to improve their skill level. They have now made many small items which they sent to us to sell at our East Ohio United Methodist Annual Conference, and return the proceeds to them. This is exciting and meanful MINISTRY!!! Teach a man/woman how to fish ministry.  If you need an application, you may contact us, or contribute to our building fund #9026 Attn. Farmer-to-Farmer 8800 Cleveland Ave. NW, North Canton Ohio 4472o.
Contact us: Pryde Bass, (216) 401-4663; Pastor Ray Ake, 1-330-531-4221 



March 30th 2015 to April 10th 2015 was a very exciting time for us in Liberia. We reconnected with so many old friends we had formed relationships with before the outbreak of the Ebola virus. Our goal was to visit our East Ohio work stations at Ganta, Camphor and Harrisburg to determine how the Ebola virus affected our partners and how safe conditions are now for future East Ohio UMVIM team members visit. By God’s grace and favor, we can report that our stations were not affected at all.

Our great leader Rev. Kathy Dickriede suggested that I visit the Ganta Agriculture Program for the variety of projects they run under the leadership of Rev. Priscilla Jiard. I am so glad I went, I learned a lot. Farmer-to-Farmer will benefit from my visit to Ganta. They have chickens, cows, pigs, oil palm processing, rubber trees, a large cassava farm, and a vegetable garden. Rev. Jiard supplies local farmers with piglets and oil palm trees right out of her nursery.

I visited Camphor on my last visit to Liberia in January 2014 so, I spent the rest of my time in Harrisburg making sure the guest house will be ready to house our next UMVIM team in January 2016. We worked on the bath rooms, septic tank, plumbing for bath rooms and kitchen, house wiring, ceiling, indoor and outside painting. (Pictures to follow)

Now about the farm. The work for food program instituted by Farmer-to-Farmer during the height of the Ebola crisis was a smashing success. The land is cleared and planted with cassava. The only problem is controlling the weeds. That is why we tried to carry a few weed whackers to help the weed control problem; but the airline would not allow due to pre treatment with gasoline, we will load them in the container later this year.

I also met two very interesting individuals involved in farming in Liberia.One fellow has been farming for six years experimenting with many crops, now he is only going to grow vegetables to supply hotels and restaurants. The other fellow, Mr. Alfred J. Kennedy, has a shop where he sells process cassava leaves, produced on machines he invented. He also invented machines that process cassava into gari ( an alternative to a rice diet). He told me he would rather be farming in Bassa County on family land if he had some help; I think this is a wonderful opportunity for Farmer-to-Farmer to partner with these men and help them farm on a larger scale. Our goal has always been to teach or help Liberian farmers produce more crops using modern machinery.

The sewing program is doing well; although some women have lost interest, there is a small HARD CORE group that proudly displayed dresses they made themselves.



Nov 11 at 2:53 PM

Dear Saints:

We will be attending another Liberia Summit next week in Michigan. We are very excited about visiting with fellow Christians in the work of our Lord in Liberia. Since our last meeting, we have been very busy in Harrisburg, Liberia; East Ohio Conference’s newest Mission Station.

East Ohio (3Cs) recently sent Medical Supplies to Liberia and Sierra Leone at an approximate cost of  $ 15,950 plus the cost of additional barrels purchased. 25 barrels went to Sierra Leone and 54 barrels went to Liberia.(11 to Farmer-to-Farmer; 18 to Camphor Mission and 25 to Ganta Mission Station,

We are pleased to report that the 2014 UMVIM team followed up and completed the building for the Sewing Project that the 2013 UMVIM team started. The sewing classes are now held in their new building and sewing skill levels are improving; Praise God! The community women are very excited, and personal relationships are being formed with God’s people we never knew. We also installed pews donated by Bucyrus UMC in the sanctuary of St. John UMC in Harrisburg. We thank God and pastor J. Modesco Siaker for his dedication and the leadership he is providing for the  local congregation.

Our Farmer-to-Farmer UMVIM team will not be traveling to Liberia early 2015, due to the present crisis that is now receding according to various sources. Instead, our 3Cs team decided we send funds for food to our friends in those areas where we have formed relationships. The idea was well received and appreciated by pastor Modesco and members of St. John. According to pastor Modesco, they have received the first $500, they setup a food distribution committee to serve the community (pictures will follow)

For the next five months, we plan to send $ 500 per month to provide food and employment for community folks through St. John Church. And according to pastor Modesco, they plan to hire 20 men two days a week until the farm land donated to Farmer-to-Farmer by community Elders is cleared. Then, they will plant cassava to produce products for local consumption and export such as: Starch, Gari, Fufu, Dum boy and packaged cassava for export. I sense a great excitement and anticipation in pastor Modesco’s voice about the prospect of providing employment through the church where there is none in the community. We all agree that this is what JESUS would want us to do. Our job communicating the gospel is made easier when we are talking to folks when their bellies are full. Our practical demonstration of God’s love through empowering our sisters and brothers to think about doing for themselves through the strength of our Lord Jesus Christ, is another way to spread the GOOD NEWS in our new century.

Another aspect of the work in Harrisburg, is to build a campus. A school,clinic and guest house. The school will be used as a high school during school hours and keep the 7th, & 8th graders from walking 2 1/2 hours one way daily; and also a modern agriculture training center for farmers in the evenings. A school equipped with a library and computer center. Some members that attend the Liberia Summit have expressed a desire to come to Harrisburg and work; and if we had a guest house and a paid staff, we could attract other teams therefore accelerating the work of the Lord many folds. To this end, we will begin making mud bricks for the campus. Pastor Modesco says they will build a shed, cover it with a tarp and enclose the sides with palm thatch to  store the mud bricks until we return in 2016.

In His Service,

Pryde C. Bass Sr.

Concerned Friends of Africa


PS. We will need to survey the land and get the deed in our hands before any major work starts.
“When equal affection cannot be, let the more loving one be me

Our Farmer-to-Farmer UMVIM Trip to Liberia set for January 14, 2014

We invite you to join our team traveling to Harrisburg, Liberia. We will be living at the Liberia United Methodist Retreat Center in White Plains, which is about 10 to 15 minutes drive due to road conditions. We will focus on FIVE projects. (1) The Farm: We will be clearing land to plant cassava; and because we hope to clear about 25 to 30 acres, we will definitely need a backhoe to remove stumps. If anyone has a used backhoe that can be reconditioned, please contact us at or if you don’t, but would like to contribute to the purchase of a backhoe, send donation to East Ohio Conference – 8800 Cleveland Ave.NW, North Canton, Ohio 44720 (Attention Farmer-to-Farmer – Advance Special # 9936.); (2) The St. John United Methodist Church: We will install pews and other furniture donated by Sister Church, Bucyrus United Methodist – Pastor Mike Corwin. (3) Clinic: There is a critical need for additional space in the clinic which  serves five communities daily; where sick patient walk for hours to receive medical care. At some point, we will consider expanding the clinic to accommodate the supplies we bring yearly. (4) The School: There is only one elementary school in this community. The school building is deplorable. Windows, doors, ceiling, electric wires hanging from the ceiling, water well on the premises but is broken, few chairs and the few graduates have to walk 2hrs per day to another community to attend classes. Principal Samuel Garueoloquoi said, the student drop-out rate is very high due to the distance they have to walk daily. So, we took the names of the next graduating class and purchased bicycles which we will present to these students when we arrive in January. And (5) The exciting Empower Women Sewing Center. Last January we purchased two treadle sewing machines for the project. Sister Clara Bass and Sister Cora Ricks, members of St. John, are the sewing instructors to over 100 women and teens. They have to date made seven shirts, two dresses and twenty one stoles. We were able to sell some of the items at our East Ohio Annual Conference and remitted the funds to the empowered women in Liberia. The women are making mud bricks to build a sewing center for their community ministry. At some future point, we will have to help with the construction because they now work in the sanctuary. This is exciting East Ohio Ministry at work! TEACH A MAN/WOMAN HOW TO FISH.

After you have read this post, I hope you feel excited as we are about how the Lord is making a difference in lives of individuals in Harrisburg through our ministry. Please join US.

Contact info: Pryde Bass – (216) 956-8441; Pastor Ray Ake- 1-330-531-4221.

Our Mission


Farmer to Farmer roadsign

Our mission is to provide technical and mechanized training in profitable and productive farming to Liberian Farmers.


Our Vision: While working through the Churches of the East Ohio Conference of the United Methodist Church, and in partnership with the St. John United Methodist Church- St. Paul River District of the Liberia Annual Conference UMC, we will teach Liberian Farmers the business of mechanized farming.


We began in 2010, a “Divine Intervention” when Pryde C. Bass, a native of Harrisburg, Liberia met Rev. Ray Ake, pastor of Henrietta United Methodist Church. The two men had never met before, yet God had everything arranged. They were attending a New Church Start Seminar at Lakewood UMC in Lakewood, Ohio where the group was discussing Passions in Ministry.
The question was, what passion will you bring to ministry? Pryde had been burdened for 40 plus years about going back to his native Liberia and give hope and a new way of life to many Liberians. He reasoned that farming was the perfect vehicle; he also thought that mechanized farming would be most productive. He would contact farmers in Ohio and ask them to donate recondition farm equipment to the United Methodist Church. The problem he faced was that he knew no farmers, and had no idea where to begin looking. Then he met Pastor Ray Ake who had a number of farmers in his congregation in Henrietta, Ohio. The two men talked all that afternoon and plans were made to meet the farmers at Henrietta United Methodist Church.
The evening we met, Warner UMC, now Celebration UMC with Rev. Dogba R. Bass as pastor, formed a partnership with Henrietta UMC, pastor by Rev. Ray Ake. They then formed partnership with St. John UMC – St. Paul River District, of the Liberia Annual Conference.
They then connected with Bishop John L. Hopkins’ 3C ‘s Vision for Missions in Russia, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone and Liberia; The ministry of help for Churches, Classrooms and Clinics. So, we inserted the farming component to bring REAL economic change to people victimized by a brutal 14-year civil war.
Our first UMVIM visit was in 2012 for 2weeks. Church members from Celebration, Henrietta and Garfield Memorial help prepare items and loaded the container with a Ford 9N Tractor, chairs for St. John UMC, medical supplies for the community clinic, soccer balls, jerseys, boots, school supplies, and lots of farming tools. With funds supplied by the 3Cs Committee, we put a new roof, ceiling, windows, doors, lights and bought a motor bike to eliminate the 3 hour walk one way that pastor Modesco had to do twice on Sundays. Also with 3Cs funds, we did a partial renovation on the United Methodist Retreat Center in White Plains, Liberia. We cleared some land behind the church and planted a banana and plantain grove.


Our 2013 UMVIM trip was also a wonderful success. The Lord was with us all the way. Fourteen of us from seven different United Methodist Churches – EOC and one Baptist Church left the US, bound for Liberia. Well, we were asked to finish a community building that was raised to the roof level 40 plus years ago. Our budget would have allowed us to do a minor addition to the community clinic; but community leaders insisted we use the financial resource we had to do as much as we could on the unfinished property. The community building would house qualified medical personnel and teachers that would live in the community instead of commuting daily.
We also started a brand new women’s ministry. Dr. Linda Crowell, one of Bishop Hopkins’s early envoy team member to determine the needs in the four countries 3Cs serve, always wanted to start a sewing ministry. So, she and Rev. Cathy Ake, pastor of Vienna UMC collaborated and came up with a plan. They bought two treadle machines, taught the women, teens and young girls to hand stitched pillow case dresses. They taught the mothers how to sew purses with a shoulder strap. More than a hundred women and children showed up for the training; and when we arrived, we met them waiting patiently and singing hymns. The whole St. John community is excited and motivated about this ministry. As soon as we left, the women began making mud bricks to build a St. John UMC sewing center. They will need our help.
Just imagine, they can see themselves sewing their children school uniforms, regular clothes while saving themselves a few hard to come by dollars. Rev. Cathy Ake has established a monthly support for the purchase of sewing materials; and we are very excited to get the first sampling of their work in the month of May. Ms Clara Bass, an accomplished seamstress, had her own business before the war; and Ms. Cora Ricks are members of St. John and are in charge of the Teaching and Training Ministry. We ask your prayers and financial support.