On May 13th 2015, members of United Methodist Visitors In Mission (UMVIM) to Liberia gathered at the Brecksville United Methodist Church to get a briefing from Rev. Kathy Dickreide and Pryde Bass on the recent visit to Liberia. The main purpose of their trip was to access the effect of the Ebola virus on East Ohio work stations: Ganta, Camphor and Harrisburg. The evening was festive, lots of food, including some favorite Liberian dishes prepared by Missionaries. We had a wonderful time and if you missed it, you missed a treat. We discussed and decided to send a 40′ container full of needed stuff for our mission stations at Ganta, Camphop and Harrisburg.

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There will be a celebration for those East Ohio UMVIM Partners that have traveled to Liberia on Sunday May 17th 2015 at Brecksville United Methodist Church from 6:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M. BRING A FRIEND AND A DISH. Rev. Kathy Dickriede, Dr. Dan Dickriede and Pryde will bring you the latest from Liberia and answer all questions about Ebola.

Mission Trip to Liberia set for January 2017

Well, our date is now set. we will be working in four areas:  (1) Farm; (2) Building Ag High School; (4) Empower Women Sewing Project and Clinic. We invite you to come along if you are interested in any of these mission areas. Contact or Rev. Ray Ake,,  for more detail.  We are very excited about the farm progress. Our resident farm expert Bucyrus United Methodist Church, Mr. Nathan Brause, has purchased 13 walk behind reconditioned Bradley tractors that will work fine in Liberia, training more farmers at a time. Our Liberian Partners are anxiously awaiting to be trained in the operation and maintenance of these machines.  We are equally excited about the progress we have made with the new Ag High School. We layed the foundation in February 2016. We are also seeking volunteers with building skills to help us get the school ready for the school year, March 2019. Would you join us? We are most excited about the sewing project. The women have surpassed our expectations; we took along an industrial sewing machine which should increase the women’s desire to improve their skill level. They have now made many small items which they sent to us to sell at our East Ohio United Methodist Annual Conference, and return the proceeds to them. This is exciting and meanful MINISTRY!!! Teach a man/woman how to fish ministry.  If you need an application, you may contact us, or contribute to our building fund #9026 Attn. Farmer-to-Farmer 8800 Cleveland Ave. NW, North Canton Ohio 4472o.
Contact us: Pryde Bass, (216) 401-4663; Pastor Ray Ake, 1-330-531-4221