History of St. John UMC and the area

I Thank God for Bishop John L. Hopkins and his vision of HOPE through 3C’s, (Churches, Classrooms, and Clinics), in Russia, Zimbabwe, Liberia and Sierra Leone. So you ask, how will 3Cs actually bring hope to citizens of Harrisburg, Liberia?

Let us begin with the St. John UMC that was founded in 1895 by Mr. Alexander Harris from Bridgeport, Connecticut U.S.A.,

    A part of the American Colonization Society efforts to resettle Blacks in Africa. The land upon which the Church stands today was donated by my grandparents, Charley and Mary Bass. Three generations of us have worshiped and established a strong foundation of faith within these walls while maintaining a Methodist presence in Harrisburg and surrounding communities.

The year was 1989 when everything began to fall apart for Harrisburg. That was the year the war started and everyone fled for safety in the City of Monrovia. The rebels and soldiers pillaged, looted, and destroyed everything in sight. Nothing was safe or sacred; but soon after the war and a semblance of peace returned, the citizens began to return to what was left of their life’s work. Today, the St. John UMC is the center of the community, thanks to Pastor J. Modesco Siaker. Pastor Siaker and his family of 13 live in the nearby community of Crozerville and he walks 3 ½ hours one way to church on Sunday mornings and 3 ½ hours back home Sunday after church. Few Sundays ago I called him after church, he was walking back home. The reception was so bad that he asked me to call him after 1 ½ hour. When I called the second time he had reached home and we talked a while about that back road. You see, I also traveled that back road many years ago and when I asked about “the big log” across the pond, he said the log was still there.

The church barely had a roof, had no lights, no benches, no doors or windows; but they showed up every Sunday praying that God will make a way. I submit that if these folks are this faithful with so little; imagine what a life changing experience in hope, and faith in God would occur when Bishop’s 3Cs impact their lives. Help us renovate the old Church, put in some lights and benches – plus a motorbike for Pastor Modesco Siaker