Our 2013 Farmer-to-Farmer UMVIM Team to Liberia, consisted of a number of women that were eager to engage the women of the Harrisburg community and ┬áSt. John’s United Methodist Church in a project of empowerment; while the men were digging a well, building a water reservoir to provide clean and save drinking water for the community, and trying to get our Ford farm tractor started.

The women on our team brought along lots of sewing materials from the United States. They came prepared to work with a dozen women or so; but they were surprised to meet over 100 women and young teen girls patiently waiting and singing religious songs when we arrived. With so much excitement in the air, the women got to work. The next day, they traveled to Liberia’s capital city Monrovia, to purchase treadle sewing machines and more fabrics.

Ms Clara Bass and Ms Cora Ricks had the most sewing skills; so they were appointed instructors to carry on after we left. Dr. Linda Crowell of Aldersgate United Methodist Church in Cleveland, Ohio and Pastor Catherine Ake of Vienna United Methodist Church, Vienna, Ohio are the driving force behind the Project. From the excitement of the community women in Liberia and the interest that has been generated in the East Ohio Conference around this sewing project, we think we have a strong witness for JESUS CHRIST.