There are three elementary schools in Harrisburg:  the public school offers classes from pre-school through 9th grade, St. John UMC has opened a new  school that continues to add classes but currently offers Kindergarten through 3rd grade  and the Lutheran church offers classes for Pre-K through 6th grade.  Although that seems like a lot of schools, there are a lot of children.  One thing our teams have noticed is that there are still many children home during the day who do not attend any school.   There is no high school in the area.  The closest is an hour and a half walk away.

Farmer t0 Farmer Ministries, with St. John United Methodist Church in Harrisburg, has been given the deed to 36 acres on which to build a school. Our goal is to build a high school that can be used in the evening as an agricultraul technical school for adults. The rest of the land will then be used for teaching improved growing techniques.   Building the school is one of the top priorities of the Farmer to Farmer Ministries.

Girls of Promise Scholarships

Many of the young girls do not go to school in Harrisburg. They are needed at home to care for their family or too often there is not enough money in a family to send both sons and daughters to school. Farmer to Farmer Ministries has established a Girls of Promise Scholarship program to help girls get an education.

$50 a year is all it takes to provide tuition, uniforms, shoes, composition books, and pencils for a girl to attend school. $500 is considered a full scholarship at this time. We plan to establsih a mentoring program for the scholarship recipients and create a way of communicating between the girls and their sponsors.

To donate either for a year or for a full scholarship, please make check payable to EOCUMC (East Ohio Conference of the United Methodist Church) and put Farmer #9026 – GOP in the memo line.  Mail to Ruth Ferrell,1079 Eagle Way, Ashland, Ohio  44805