Prior to the civil war that Liberia experienced from 1989-2005, land surrounding Harrisburg was one of the most fertile, most productive farming areas in the country.  The land provided plenty of food for the area residents as well as surplus to be sold to food processing plants and farmer’s markets.  The war destroyed the farms and also took with it a whole generation of knowledgeable farmers.  Farmer to Farmer is helping the farmers of Harrisburg bring back the agricultural productivity it once knew.

After shipping over a Ford 800 tractor and findingit too difficult to maneuver in the overgrown terrain and too complicated to maintain, three Bradley walk-behind tractors have been shipped over.  In January of 2018 a farmer went over and showed the local men how to run and maintain the Bradleys.  A small field was planted as a beginning.

Farmer to Farmer has committed to assist in the building of an agricultural high school in Harrisburg that will educate children during the day (there is no other high school available in the area) and adults at night.  To support this, Farmer to Farmer and St. John (the local United Methodist Church there) were given the deed to 36 acres to be used to house the school, dorms and also to have experimental planting fields.

Helping the local community to be more self-sufficient in their food production as well as opening markets for food product sales will move the once fertile region back to its agricultural roots.