We invite you to partner with the Farmer-to-Farmer ministry in Liberia, where our Motto is: We rather teach folks how to fish than give them a fish. We are committed to empowering people for self help, their dignity and sustainability.

You may donate to our Clinic Ministry; our Well digging Ministry, where we dig wells and bring clean and safe drinking water to villagers; Our Sewing Ministry, where we have constructed a building to house this Ministry: buy supplies and sewing equipment for the center in Harrisburg; Our School Ministry, where school buildings are in disrepair, lack of study materials, chairs, desks, good teachers etc.; Our church Renovation  Ministry; and the Farm Ministry.

Our plan is, for the Farm Ministry to support all other ministries within 3 to 5 years. The Harrisburg Community has donated 500 acres of farm land to the Farmer-to-Farmer Project. On this land we hope to raise vegetables, poultry and pigs while teaching community farmers how to farm their own land using modern farm equipment.

Make checks payable to: East Ohio Conference and mail to: Pryde C. Bass 4094 Washington Blvd., University Heights, Ohio 44118 (Advance Special #9536).