Women’s Center

On the first trip to Harrisburg, the ladies on the team offered sewing classes for the women and teenagers in the area.  Lots of women came and learned to sew pillowcase dresses, totes and butterfly blouses.  It was obvious there was an interest in sewing.  It was suggested that a Women’s Sewing Center be established so sewing classes could be offered..  After the team returned to the states a group of Harrisburg women built a “Women’s Empowerment Center” beside St. John church and began offering classes. They chose the name, “Women’s Empowerment Center” because they did not want to be limited to just sewing.  The  hope is that the center be used in many different ways to teach, train and offer opportunities for women (and men) to learn new skills and earn much needed income.

Farmer-to-Farmer donated sewing machines and supplies to the center and they were used to make the uniforms for all the students who attend the new school at St. John’s church.  Perhaps an industry can be created where uniforms are offered for sale by the Sewing Center.  The choir director sewed new choir robes for his choir.  Another dream is to produce items for sale to create an income flow for local artists.  The building is also used for church events.  It has already empowered the community in many different ways.